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No, not taken offensively and

I have no problem explaining. This site, although you can post on it, is private property that Michael Nystrom owns and the content here reflects on him too, not just you. It is basically his living room that you are welcome in, as long as you abide by the handful of rules of the house. This is not some public place that everyone has some right to be on, and neither would your website be if you had one.

Being able to post here, is a privilege given to you by the owner, not a right. Freedom of Speech applies to one's own domicile, the streets, your yard and public property. Not someone else's home, site, etc. All sites have rules, just like you would on your own site, or in your living room. You can chat here all you like, he doesn't mind, all he asks is that you respect his wishes when posting on his site.