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I understand this fact and I

I understand this fact and I am merely pointing out the irony...

You have the complete right to do what you're doing, I'm just pointing out why it is ironic.


Let's say this is Michael Nystrom's living room (which it is)... Now let me point out that Michael Nystrom is posing that his living room is a place promoting liberty and freedom of speech. I accepted this understanding and entered Michael's living room and decided to speak my mind on various topics. The irony comes when I speak about something, and it is censored. Michael Nystrom has every right to do this because it is his living room, and I made the mistake to not fully understand his rules before proceeding... It is ironic because he poses that his living room is a freedom/liberty zone, but doesn't allow certain freedoms... hence destroying the freedom of speech/liberty zone allegation.

I am not negating the fact that he has the right to do this, nor condemning it. I guess the purpose of my complaint has to do with the irony of the situation, and to illustrate the irony for those who haven't realized. I greatly respect Michael Nystrom for putting together this site and allowing us to organize here... I'm not sure what Michael's goal is of having the Daily Paul, but if it were to promote liberty and freedom, I think a suggestion like my own would be quite beneficial.

Nevertheless I will continue to use the Daily Paul as my primary source for liberty news. Even if my complaints/suggestions go unmarked... I can only hope that Michael Nystrom reads my concern and, if he wishes, adjusts accordingly.

I would also like to acknowledge that I could have approached my complaints more civilized... for that I apologize.