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Nothing and Everything

My family and I prepare for nothing and everything.

Whatever happens, it will still be the ugly face of Obomney.

We, here on DP and elsewhere, are the living proofs that America isn't dying. This country is still breathing thru us.

Let us continue taking care of ourselves, our families, our beloved ones.

Let us do everything we can to opt out of the worthless dollar.

We don't need to do it all at once or by tomorrow morning, but every penny we can put in tangible silver or gold will be worth a hundred times more when everybody else gets hit by the hard times we know are coming.

Truthful knowledge is our POWER.

Principles and values in Liberty is our FUTURE.

The road is going to be tough but may be shorter than we think.

Prepare for nothing of today's status quo and everything of tomorrow's restoration.

Silver, work, self care, silver, work, self care...

loop and repeat, keeping faith.


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