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How about examples?

I think Bill of Rights injuries exemplify the potential POWER in this knowledge.

So far there is an unresolved (I have not see the remedy yet) case of a couple being illegally searched and seized on video tape from the "public servant" camera on that person who searched and seized, and did not shoot the dog thankfully.

Will the victims be advised as to how to, at least, make a claim against the perpetrator of the illegal search and seizure?

If I do find myself having to carry a gun and my gun is illegally taken from me, by a "public servant", can I, at least, get the person who perpetrates that crime upon me to answer for that crime by, at least, me making a claim upon his bond, if that were to happen?

Why would this employment of their own laws not be worth doing for us who are so far subject to their laws in a very negative sense as their laws so far manage to remove our power from us so that they gain power relative to us?

Why can't this turn that flow of power the other way and do so before tomorrow morning?





What about all those Rape-i-scan devices that injure people who are subjected to such illegal searches when we are ORDERED to appear in courts, or when we travel by way of commercial plane?

What about finding the bonds on people who cattle prod victims through those illegal searching devices that may, or may not, contribute to radiation exposure, thereby causing even more injury on top of the Bill of Rights infractions?