Comment: I eat Plenty of Meat

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I eat Plenty of Meat

Just not McDonald's. I worked in the meat industry for 21 years as a vendor and contractor. I have been inside almost every McDonald's and every other fast food producer there is. I am a cryogenic engineer and many plants use liquid nitrogen to freeze their products, others use gaseous nitrogen and oxygen for packaging or carbon dioxide as dry ice.I installed the equipment at the food factories for the industrial gas industry. My title was Industry Specialist - Food and Beverage. I worked for Air Liquide America and for BOC Gases. I have seen the food industry from the inside. I have been at the slaughter houses too. What do you think they do with all the spent animals after they are done producing milk and eggs? Do you think they throw them away? If you saw what the food is made of, you would not eat it. Chicken McNuggets are enough to make me throw up when I smell them since I have seen them made.
When the price of spent meat rises, they use another product called frozen block from AUstralia. It comes here in 40 pound frozen cubes and the corners are all dehydrated and black. It's horrifying. I don't eat a lot of things as a result of having been inside these factories, but especially McDonald's. Wendy's is OK as they use steer meat delivered fresh to the stores.
Pink slime is not the worst of it, but just a catchy phrase that somehow leaked out to the media. Pink slime is called MDM - mechanically deboned meat- and is a paste or sluury that is extracted from the cooked or raw bones after the meat has been removed for the most part. The carcasses are fed into an MDM machine and the last bits of meat and marrow are extracted to make a meat paste that is then added to patties, soups, gravies, etc. The bones exit the machine looking like they have been sitting in the desert sun for months. I could tell you a whole lot more. It is all a big secret because most people either don't want to know, or the companies don't want you to know. Try typing the word McDonald's into the comment section of am MSM article. See if it gets published.