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Comment: Ramblings of an insane man? Umm, have you not seen this?

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Ramblings of an insane man? Umm, have you not seen this?

BAR attorneys are prohibited from representing anyone other than employees of their own agencies; public officials, etc.

From one of Rod Class' court filings:

All BAR attorneys are prohibited from representing John Q. Public; can only represent gov't officials and employees within their own agencies, their own BAR Charter says so.

1. This Court is operating under the Commerce and Trade Clause.
a) This Court's intent to collect fines and court costs in the form of Federal Reserve Notes which are debt instruments under the Commerce Clause.
b.) This Court is listed as a corporation on various stock exchanges and on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). (Code Number 922110)
c) This Court is also located within a Corporation Limit.
d) This Court and its officers come under diversity jurisdiction as they are Federal Citizens under the 14th Amendment, section 3.
e) This Court and its officers are required by law to to have given up their State Citizenship and have taken on Foreign Citizenship as Corporate Persons.

2. This Court and its officers holds a Charter of a Federal Bar, a State Bar or a County Bar Association which, by Federal Statute or State Statutes or Codes, is a Corporation or an Agency of any of those Governments. See, Title 36 USC, Chapter 705, or State statutes and codes such as North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 84, or North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 17, or other States such as Texas Chapter 81, Oregon State Bar, Chapter 9, etc.
a) This Court, and its officers, by its charter, comes under restrictions.
b) This Court and it officers, by it own Statutes or Codes, can only operate within an administrative jurisdiction of that government.
c) The Bar Association lacks; 1) subject matter over a natural person as defined under P.L. 1, 48 stat C1; 2) The Bar Association lacks personal jurisdiction over a natural person as defined under P.L. 1, 48 stat C1; 3) The Bar Association only has jurisdiction over "persons" listed as corporations as stated in P.L. 1, 48 stat C1 and under the ruling of Eisenberg v. Commercial Union Assurance Company, 189 F. Supp. 500 (1960). d. This Court nor any Bar Member, by restriction of either Federal or State constitutions or by its Bar Charter, holds authority outside of its limited administrative duties. To do so is Grounds for Disqualification. “— An individual may not be a member, director, or officer of the corporation if the individual—
(1) is a member of, or advocates the principles of, an organization believing in, or working for, the overthrow of the United States Government by force or violence; or
(2) refuses to uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States.”
e) This Court nor its officers can violate, with impunity, the Taft-Hartley Act or the 1940 Smith Act. To do so would violate the Bar charter and the Constitution. To do so is grounds for disqualification and removal.

3. This Court is aware that its officers are operating under diversity of citizenship and complete diversity.
a) The STATE OF __________________ became a “corporation” under the Act of 1871, An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia, because the States were forced to give up their sovereignty and swear allegiance to the D.C. Federal Government because of the provisions in the Reconstruction Act of 1867.
b) Those who hold Public Office volunteer away their State citizenship to come under the Washington, DC Constitution's 14th Amendment, section 3 re: citizenship. c) This Court and it officers of the Bar are under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. (See the International Organizations Immunities Act, December 9, 1945.) United Nations jurisdiction comes under the Diversity of Jurisdiction issue.

For your reading pleasure: More egg on the BAR; the IRS; The court system; the so called public officials who are nothing more than private contractors impersonating real gov't officials.

Now who's insane? Me for spreading the truth, or you for being dumb enough to be duped into a profession where you can only represent employees within your own agency?

Sucks to be you.