Comment: Where did all the BAR flies go?

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Where did all the BAR flies go?

I wasn't done beating you up yet; come back! What's wrong fellas? I mean you're so trained in the law and all, can you not rebut the laws in the comments below?

Can you not rebut the comment above in the OP about the estates you weasels are attempting to administrate in the states behalf?

Can you not rebut the fact that you BAR flies, the judges, the state prosecutors are all receiving public funds; that you're all working for the state as officers of the court, and no one in that courtroom is actually representing the victim aka client?

Do we have a conflict of interest here? Who's representing the client?

Come on now; you can come out from under your rocks you sneaky-slimy little rascals you :)

I won't beat you up too bad, I promise.

You guys aren't any fun to play with anymore; you take a few knots on the head and Zooooooooooooom, you're gone.

You sure don't mind stealing other peoples money; sending innocent people to prison on a daily basis; twisting and distorting the real LAW with statutes and codes to make a buck, but when someone pulls your punk card, all of a sudden you don't want to play anymore.


See you tomorrow, I've got a date with a hot lawyer tonight. For once someone besides the innocent victims (client) is going to get screwed.