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Since when have the Democrats

Since when have the Democrats done anything about drug legalization/decriminalization? A lot of them talk the talk, but so did Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dan Quayle, Chris Christie... Very of few politicians, Democrat or Republican actually want to legalize marijuana, let alone other drugs.

Cenk isn't one of Obama's biggest critics. I've heard him complement Obama a number of times. He is not a conservative or a constitutionalist. He is fiscally left wing and he sides with the Democrats because they are socially and fiscally left wing and so is he. The fiscal issues are the biggest and most important issues. He may be against Roe vs. Wade but he's still strongly pro-choice. Sure, they may both want to leave it up to the states, but if they lived in the same state, they would oppose one another. It's true Ron Paul doesn't have that much in common with "Republicans". But he does support pretty much everything in the Republican party platform and it is actually the fault of other Republicans that they don't.

Issues where Ron agrees with Cenk:
- Auditing the Federal Reserve
- War on drugs
- Marijuana legalization
- Iraq and Afghanistan

Issues where Ron disagrees with Cenk:
- Civil liberties
- Gay marriage
- Immigration
- Marijuana regulation
- Israel
- Free trade

Issues where Ron strongly disagrees with Cenk:
- Ending the Federal Reserve
- The Gold Standard
- Gun rights
- Election funding
- Regulation
- Abortion
- Cutting domestic spending
- Foreign aid
- Healthcare
- Taxation
- Labor unions
- Education
- Libya
- Energy

Glenn Beck was a critic of GW Bush. He calls himself a libertarian except on some aspects foreign policy. What makes Cenk any better than Glenn Beck, a man who is clearly hated on this website? Both seem to flip-flop on Ron Paul every day, both have said they think he's great and then change their minds a week later.

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