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"Cenk isn't one of Obama's

"Cenk isn't one of Obama's biggest critics. I've heard him complement Obama a number of times."

Yet he still criticizes Obama. He has also complimented Ron Paul a number of times.

"He is not a conservative or a constitutionalist."

He is a former conservative, and he is very constitutionalist. He just believes in different judicial principles.

"He is fiscally left wing and he sides with the Democrats because they are socially and fiscally left wing and so is he. The fiscal issues are the biggest and most important issues."

He does side with them fisically, but they are only the biggest issues to you.

"Issues where Ron agrees with Cenk:
- Auditing the Federal Reserve
- War on drugs
- Marijuana legalization
- Iraq and Afghanistan"


"Issues where Ron disagrees with Cenk:
- Civil liberties"

How are they different here?

"- Gay marriage"

Probably correct in the Cenk takes the more constitutional position, choosing to uphold the equal protection clause.

"- Immigration"

They are a lot more similar than you'd think. Cenk wants to stop illegal from coming over here, but he also wants to open the borders to get more talented immigrants coming over here.

"Marijuana regulation"

True. Cenk wants to tax it.

"- Israel"

Is Ron Paul pro-Israel? Cenk really isn't.

"- Free trad"

From what I can recall, Cenk is strongly for free trade because it is the best according to economists. He does think that we should tax the imports of any nation that taxes are imports.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: