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re - Rigged $ystem.

+ you have noted the different branches of the rigged $ystem. You have pointed out the problem-s, the solutions are not that easy.

We can make a choice to avoid them. There are other professionals who are much worse than them, who force themselves on others, as rapists, the extortionist govts., who have many branches, or tentacles, and they license oppression, order killings, teach foul, breed criminals, prey on in'no'cents, etc..

solution = is avoid them, no transaction, safe distance, because the demons will never amend. They will come after the innocents, = that is the threshold, & the test. The news are full of items where there are attacks on those who want to avoid the sy$tem, so the system's soldiers are on the attack, & the media blames the victims.
Its been on for over ten years now. The faith retain hopes, the demons are angry & threatening of worse ~ ~.

It appears - the $ystem has endless supply of 'money', soldiers & weapons, creating havoc on the Earth. Question is - who is providing to & filling the pipelines of the system ?? & for how long will this aggression continue ??