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The target shoots back

Let's see who's thinking straight here. You claim that poor folk who can't afford security services would be a prime target for criminals? In a society without a government, with no "gun control"/victim disarmament laws?? Thieves target ARMED POOR PEOPLE? I foresee evolution in action: thieves stupid enough to target such people will soon leave the gene pool, feet first. You see huge crime rates in towns (and in countries like Switzerland and Israel) where nearly everyone has a gun?

Your further assertions about "having to" preconsent to police/court jurisdictions, and being "allowed" to live in property you have purchased from a willing seller assume a great deal about the nature of an anarchist society which does not exist yet. You must be a precognitive psychic, I guess. Or is it psychotic? Love ya, Bmore. Isn't that EXACTLY the same kind of argument you accused me of using regarding debtor's prisons? Unjustly, as it happens: I said such prisons were "very likely;" not a certainty. They look like a logical solution to the problem, but I won't claim that someone won't come up with a better one.

About your reason for not watching the video: you people who think you know everything are very annoying to those of us who actually do. :) I like Larken Rose because he makes clear, simple, logical arguments that are nearly impossible to refute. This video is a fine example. (His book, even better.) Watch the video and see . . . I bet you can't find a single word wrong with what he says -- all your complaints will be about things he doesn't explain to your satisfaction and topics he doesn't discuss.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose