Comment: yes--

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of course this man is not without ulterior motives--

but most of what he says is still true--

yes, physicians are individuals--

but the fact is that they are as much caught up in the system as the rest of *us*--

even the really good ones--

On a DP thread the other day one physician was talking about why/how he got out of medicine, because the government had made it so difficult to practice--


this man only confirms what I already know from all these other sources.

I know that much science is a scam, because I know scientists who believe that--

I have met/known other physicians who believe that their hands are tied and that Big Pharma owns them--

There are no scientific studies (reliable ones) that prove that GMOs are safe--

It's your choice whether or not you buy his vitamins; I honestly didn't even think about that when I read the article--

that I might want the supplements--

didn't cross my mind--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--