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That's a bad thing? We now

That's a bad thing? We now live at a time at which anything could happen. I wouldn't be surprised if a president one day decided to round everyone up and send them to a concentration camp. Some argue it's already happening with the FEMA camps.

Obama's communist and black nationalist connections are concerning and are a valid reason to oppose him. Remember how many liberals and neo cons (including Cenk Uygur, as a matter of fact) started dissing Dr. Paul simply because he accepted donations from some Klansmen and accidentally hired a racist ghostwriter for his newsletter. It is very unfair that people are giving Obama a pass just because he's black and liberal and it would be racist to call him out for what he's doing. I guarantee you that Obama would not even have a chance of becoming his party's presidential nominee if he was white and had fascist and white supremacist connections.

Glenn is to some extent, an idiot and often he needs to be laughed at. But Cenk Uygur likes to laugh at anyone with right wing views! When I see his videos, half of it is pretty much just him talking trash and laughing at people.

You seem to sympathize a lot with the left. Are you one of those "Blue Republicans"?

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