Comment: Mainstream MEDICAL science is total bullocks.

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Mainstream MEDICAL science is total bullocks.

Even medical scientists are beginning to realize it.

I devoted a career to healthcare, I was trained by Ely Lily on conducting "clinical trials" for them. It was about getting drugs approved and to market and making a profit. The notion of "cures" was treated as naive, quaint, and maybe a bit dangerous for patients to have such unrealistic expectations... And EVERYONE got paid enough money to just go along - doctors, administrators, patients - we all made bank. Of course, the data we gathered was flawed from the inception, "double blind" studies are generally totally bogus - they can't risk a placebo effect outperforming their drug. When that fact gets out:
They do more "research" to get the "facts" back where they like them - in the profit zone.

Please note that the first study was reported in JAMA, the second one (pimping antidepressants) was conducted by.... a bunch of shrinks whose fat paychecks for no work depend upon SSRIs. (Remember when shrinks had to sit and LISTEN to people? OMG - how terrible for them!)

Please watch "The Marketing of Madness" and understand that the mindset exposed there is rampant in all "Western" medicine, not just mental health.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.