Comment: Did you actually read those articles you linked?

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Did you actually read those articles you linked?

SSRIs have been clinically proven to work in severely depressed patients. They don't work in non-depressed to mild-depressed patients. This is exactly how a drug is supposed to work.

I know for a fact that SSRIs work. A few years ago I hit a bout of incapacitating depression (so did my sister at the same age, which makes me think it was genetic). I was having such severe nightmares I couldn't sleep or function. I starting taking sertraline and within a few weeks the nightmares stopped. I was on them for 2 years or so and slowly weaned myself off of them. Now the nightmares are gone, and they only return if I take 'natural' melatonin supplements.

It is a similar story with my sister. The SSRI helped both of us get through a rough period.

Double blind studies are not "totally bogus." The corruption of the Texas Cancer institute does not mean that "mainstream science is bunk." There is always going to be some people who abuse medicine for personal gain, especially when government money is involved. This is a consequence of human nature. But labeling all mainstream science as bunk because of a snake oil salesman is just ignorant.

It sounds like your issue is not with mainstream science, but with profit. I have seen your other posts over the years, and you definitely have hateful undertones in your comments. (I initially said communist undertones, but that is not it. I can't pinpoint what it is. Bitter?)

Don't lecture me about the mindset of "Western" medicine. I spend all day every day reading medical textbooks, talking to doctors, and working with patients. I'm sick of this superiority attitude I see in the "natural health" culture and these sweeping attacks of medicine. Your attitude towards medicine is akin to me demonizing all women because I had a bad experience with an ex-girlfriend.

Also, you are criticizing double blind studies, but most 'natural' health medicine is not even evidence based! When natural medicine is found to be effective, it simply becomes mainstream medicine. There is no widespread conspiracy to suppress medical progress. Is the government inhibiting innovation? Yes. Does profit-motive lead some people astray? Yes. But this doesn't invalidate medicine.

It sounds to me that you are heavily involved in the natural health movement. Be careful with that. I was starting to get sucked in, too, until I realized that it is the same sensationalist crap over and over again. SSRIs are a hoax! Vaccines kill! Genetic engineering is an abomination of health! The nuclear power plants are going to destroy the planet! Fluoride is a plot to zombify and depopulate the Earth!