Comment: "Don't trust the mainstream media!" Trust Natural News!

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"Don't trust the mainstream media!" Trust Natural News!

He is saying "do your own research," but he is also saying that everyone is lying to you. I interpreted this as 'do your own research, but make sure they agree with me.'

I did not form my opinion of Mike Adams from this article. Unfortunately I have read dozens of his articles, and I have noticed a distinct pattern of disinformation and deception. On the surface this article was motivational and informative. But it is a sales pitch. He was going off the deep end with some sensationalist rants and I think he wrote this to draw his audience back in. This is the same tactic Alex Jones uses.

I could care less that he is making a profit, my beef stems from when he gets going with pseudoscience alarmism and advocates for government intervention. It irks me when his hivemind repeats his sensationalism without ever thinking twice about it (even though he encourages it haha).

I'm glad you raised your kids using the natural method. Many people don't raise their kids like that, and they turn out fine, too. My siblings and I were all vaccinated and ate mainstream food and partook in mainstream medicine and we all turned out to be healthy, free-thinking adults.