Comment: Yeah & deliberately harming people is a serious ethics violation

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Yeah & deliberately harming people is a serious ethics violation

This is no different from a car manufacturer selling a car they know is dangerous or any other situation. A dishonest salesman doesn't invalidate the overall safety of cars just like a dishonest pharmaceutical company doesn't invalidate the overall safety and efficacy of anti-depressants.

I have read the SSRIstories site before. A good portion of it is unsubstantiated anecdotes. But even if we assume that every word of it is true, so what? SSRIs do sometimes have a paradox effect. That is no secret. Many drugs sometimes have paradox effects, especially when taken in inappropriate dosages. Other drugs, especially ones that interact with the central nervous system, can have other unintended mental side effects. Dopamine agonists like pramipexole and ropinirole, for example, can cause some people to become compulsive gamblers.

But you have to consider that many people prescribed SSRIs were mentally disturbed to begin with. The odds of an violent incident occurring when a patient who is prescribed an SSRI is much more probable than someone who needs, let's say, a diuretic. When a high percentage of the population is on a drug, the odds of a violent incident also become far more likely. Hell, 90% of murders in the 20th century were probably conducted by someone with a silver filling. This does not imply a causation.

But, the fact that SSRIs lead to an increase in suicide in a small percentage of the population is well-established. I think it has to do with motivation. When you are extremely depressed, it is hard to do much of anything productive (including suicide). If you are given a drug that increases your motivation and makes you feel better, but you are still intent on whacking yourself (or others), guess what? You are more likely to do it.

I don't support giving people SSRIs without their INFORMED consent. I also do not condone blind, mass medication. Every person is different and their medical treatment should be catered to them. This is responsible medicine.

And by the way, double blind studies are the best way to conduct research. It's not perfect and results can still be fudged, but it is far superior than a non-blinded study. If you have a better method for conducting research please share.