Comment: why is everyone BLIND to the rigging?

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why is everyone BLIND to the rigging?

...because RELIGION is rigged too!

See, Jesus Christ did not come to this Earth to establish a SYSTEM of religon - a religion CANNOT save anyone; otherwise, Judaism would have died on the cross, Catholicism would have died on the cross, Mormonism would have died on the cross - get it?

God sent His only begotten Son to die for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD, and only His payment for one's individual sins will satisfy His Father...our founders subscribed to a PURE FAITH, in one Supreme Being; and after much study and debate of many religions, the testimony of Jesus Christ made the most sense - and so - most of them believed in HIM, not a religious organization, not a pretty building, not a social club of nice people or a denominational headquarters.

When the "Christian" voters in America; Republican, Democrat, and independent begin a relationship with Him, through reading and studying His Word, and sitting under some SOUND biblical preaching - the deception/shroud that is the "rigging" will be removed, and then we can throw it off!!!