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Comment: I hope you'll post your paper here

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I hope you'll post your paper here

once you're through with it. Hey, here's a thought: post it here before you turn it in, and collect comments to improve it. Whatever, good luck with it.

I was hoping you'd recommend a specific piece by Guillory that you thought was noteworthy?

Most of The Machinery of Freedom is pure fun reading. Don't miss "Love Is Not Enough." Enjoy.

Your analogy between Anarchists and Communists doesn't work real well, because anarchists are . . . well, anarchists. No leaders to impose their will on society, no laws or constitutions to write, no quarrels over who is going to be "in charge" of such-and-such. For a very fun look at how an "anarchist takeover" might happen, check out J.Neil Schulman's novel Alongside Night. In the story, there's no central plan to "take over" government -- but as government folds under its own dead weight, the black market takes over all the important functions. I think that's going to be the growth industry over the next decade: people working outside the regulated-to-death corporatocracy in the unregulated black and gray markets.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose