Comment: Not "Sovereign Citizen Nonsense", it's the Law - Perhaps you

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Not "Sovereign Citizen Nonsense", it's the Law - Perhaps you

should spend more time learning it and less time butting into a topic you know nothing about.

It's not about the gold fringe on the flag; it's about jurisdiction.

So in your scenario, the state accuses some "person" with a charge; said "person" rebuts the charge; challenges jurisdiction; informs the state there is no injured party with first hand knowledge; informs the state they were not performing a function of gov't at the time of the complaint, informs the state it would be in their best interest NOT to meddle in said "persons" estate without written consent, etc.

And the state calls in the National Guard; all combat helicopters; tanks; sheriffs, and 4,000 foot soldiers to kick down your door and blow you to smithereens, all because you challenged jurisdiction and stood up for your Inherent Birth Rights.

Do I have this right?

The Law is the Law, and if you know the Law, you can put state officials in a real bind if they get out of line. That's not a threat, it's just a matter of truth. These supposed state officials aren't even true government officials, they are private contractors enforcing their will and statutes on the people.

It is tax fraud and embezzlement.

Note: People with your attitude should continue to get on your knees and bow to the state; it's in both, your and the states best interest that you continue to do so.