Comment: Someone I love was suicidal and put on SSRIs

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Someone I love was suicidal and put on SSRIs

and it helped her turn her life around (along with family). She had a loving family before and after being on the SSRI.

SSRIs help the vast majority of severely depressed patients. This was demonstrated in multiple meta-analyses (which is considered even more reliable than a single double-blind study).

Maybe if someone you loved became suicidal because they listened to the advice from pseudoscience fear-mongering alternative media (and mainstream media jumped on the SSRI scare too by the way) and tried to handle severe depression the 'natural' way you would reconsider your position.

But whatever, enjoy your place in the pseudoscience fear-mongering fringe.

And by the way, it's kind of sick how intolerant the 'natural' health culture is to evidence-based medicine. For a group that prides itself in being awake, I sure do talk to a lot of close-minded propaganda pushers.