Comment: My proposed amendment...

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My proposed amendment...

General Concept:
Every Promise / Budget proposed by the President (Executive) MUST be paid in full prior to end of his or her term. AND...if not paid for, the successor (or re-elected President) can NOT submit a new budget until the prior budget is paid in full.

Once passed through appropriations and authorizations, the President can either veto it or sign it. Once signed, it is the Presidents responsibility to enforce the spending and ensure its paid in full before the end of his or her term.


Understanding that this is a yearly process...budgets have to be paid in full yearly also...unless passed through the House and Senate for an emergency extension (ie...due to a declaration of war). However, a freeze on spending will be incurred until paid in full.

Paid in full means TAX everyone NOW. You cant borrow it or print it. Making the American people feel the financial pain of these bailouts and endless wars would go along way in changing their votes to Liberty candidates.


TARP bailout: $787B / 314 million citizens = $2506 per citizen
- a family of four must pay $10,024 now fast do you think people would stop voting for who promises them the most (free education / free healthcare / bomb Iran etc..)