Comment: Any one of them is a better choice than Obamney.

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Any one of them is a better choice than Obamney.

Great debate with very strong performances from all candidates. I have a hard time actually realizing I just witnessed such a debate take place.

Gary Johnson getting animated at one point was so brilliantly delivered. LMAO! In my opinion (as a Canadian) Gary did very well and seemed to echo many of the other candidates' views but just delivered them with more conviction. Jill Stein was great too but she was very intense at times. You can tell this is one woman who has had enough! Maybe a green tea before a debate can calm her a bit but I certainly appreciate her passion.

Thanks to Larry King for lending his spotlight to this noble cause, as he said. More people of his status should be speaking out and I'm sure they will.

A Victorious day for Liberty! Congratulations, You The People!!

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