Comment: Can't recall ever enjoying a presidential debate but

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Can't recall ever enjoying a presidential debate but

tonight's debate was better than a movie. I loved it. The setting was par excellence, the hall, the stage, and of course the magnificent Larry King, who kept everyone in line to the T. Christina Tobin blew me away with an honesty that pervades every word she utters.
I voted my choices for the next debate and look forward to Oct 30 Washington DC debate. I only wish mainstream media would pick up on this to illuminate these candidates and do their part to save America.
One commenter on the site suggested cardboard cutouts of Romney and Obama to stand alongside the candidates - could be good for a constant reminder of what we may end up with, and will certainly make every argument from our alternative candidates even tastier.
Three cheers for Christina Tobin and her website Freeandequal. Thank you very much - tonight was inspirational.