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Granger, you have a hard heart

It is typical in many Ron Paul supporters, and it is annoying: My way or the highway. No tolerance for other ideas.

Here is my analogy for GJ, and this whole third party / debate stuff:

You know how sometimes your car gets stuck in the snow, and no matter how you push on the gas, the wheels just spin? And so get behind it, and you push on it, but your feet can't get any traction. So then you start rocking it. Push it in, and it comes back. Push it in, and it comes back. And the more you rock it, the closer it comes, until finally, the car squirts out of the rut it was in.

I'll tell you this about the two party system: It is one big rut. Two ruts that are melding into one another. This is not the answer. We need a way out. I don't know the way out, but I'm pretty sure I know what is not the way out - not for me.

So I just want to help rock this car, back and forth, back and forth until something breaks free. And the way you rock this car is to continue doing things that have never been done before. For me, that includes:

1. This third party debate and,
2. Granger in the GOP!

Party on!

btw - how can you say GJ is not an educator? He's educating by his actions. He's standing up, on the front line. You may not care for where he is standing, but you should give him credit that his is standing for something.

He's the man.