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It's not my way

I wish I could take credit Michael, but the truth is, I never thought of it. I really thought that third party, Indy would be the way to break the duopoly's monopoly in global corporate government, but I was wrong. What Ron Paul is suggesting, isn't that this would be easy, but that it was possible, and it is. This possibility is a good fight in the GOP. Those of us in the GOP are going to have OUR message heard because we are not running away.

The way out is the way in.

I say GJ is not an educator because he is not asking anyone to do anything like join the LP, get on a committee, learn Robert's Rules of Order, Gary's weekly classes on constitutional law... he's claim to fame at this point is body surfing his supporters, what's next, smoking DMT with Adam?

To me, GJ is standing as a red herring for the GOP who really doesn't want us. So I guess you are correct, that I am hard hearted.. Just becuase the GOP does not want me as a RP Republican, it's not stopping me from taking a seat and preparing to hold Romney, once elected, to the constitution.

I don't expect everyone to be ready, willing and able to join the GOP. I do hope that sharing my experiences and hopes for the GOP encourage those who have been third party and Indy and knows it never gets anywhere will consider this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity, Ron Paul is offering us in the GOP.