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My question still stands

What if Romney doesn't care about public opinion and just does his own thing? What if he starts making a bunch of executive orders like Obama, etc?

For someone determined to have their own way, I seriously doubt that a petition is going to change their mind. Rand could make all the speeches he wants. Nobody listened to the voices of reason before the election, so why would they after?

Even if the GOP says that Romney has gone rogue, what could they possibly do to STOP him, assuming that he doesn't care what people think as long as he is in power?

The above arguments could be used for ANY president who has turned their back on our Constitution. Look at Obama and all of the unconstitutional things that he has done. Nobody's done anything meaningful to stop him. I'm not talking about the election. I'm talking about someone standing up to the president and saying "No, you can't DO this. What you are doing is against our Constitution! You are no longer fit for duty, so pack up your things and get out." THAT is the kind of power that is required. A petition or even a formal reprimand is meaningless unless there is power to enforce it.