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I think a lot of the problem is that so many people have been led to believe that it is a religious issue, when it is not. I'm the most anti-religious person you'd ever know, but I'm more 'pro-life' than anyone I know too.

People need to put aside any religious biases, and try to look objectively at the issue from a 'liberty' perspective. Women shouldn't have extra rights and babies shouldn't have less. Put yourself in the kid's "shoes". And both parents should assume personal responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences.

Just look at the last question asked at the vice presidential debate. Like on most issues it was the wrong question. Just the media reinforcing the false religious connection to the issue.

What's also sad is that I listen to the Jimmy Swaggart radio station (guess I need something to complain about)and they are pressuring people to vote for Romney because he is "pro-life"! How sad. I've written them about his evolving positions on the matter, but they never address it.

Still, I thought Goode did the best in this debate, and I got the impression he is pro-life, though I didn't agree with him on everything and I know nothing about his stances on other issues that weren't discussed, and I'm not going to vote for him. One of the saddest moments of the debate was people booing Goode when he mentioned cutting Planned Parenthood funding. It didn't seem like much of a liberty loving crowd though,but one that felt entitled just like the actors asking questions at the 'town hall style' debate between Obama and Romney.

Don't stay home but go and write Ron in if you can in your state. That's what I plan to do.