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Not Me!

I could not bring myself to vote Johnson. I don't trust the close connections with the CFR (see multiple DP posts on the subject), and after seeing the infiltration of the LP (of which I was a member for many years) by the likes of Bob Barr, I no longer trust the LP at the national level - my conscience could not let me vote for Johnson.

I wrote in Ron Paul in a state where my vote will not count. Why? Because I don't think our votes really count anyway after seeing multiple elections stolen by a host of means incl. violence - and of course Rigged "machines" - but I still have a duty to vote FOR what I want. Having put so much time, money and effort into the RP campaign (incl. becoming an a-delegate bound to RP) - I must follow through and complete the job.

PAUL 2016

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa