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decent strategy

but if romney wins i think people will leave GOP in droves, and move to another or a new party.

it would be nice to be part of a party where you don't have to play so much dirty politics, for a change.. the primaries/debates this year were disgusting, and Ron Paul said that going through the GOP was the only way, but it was also another failure, and his message may have carried more resonance had he gone libertarian... of course we can never know that, but we do know that "playing with" the gop was no picnic and we were treated like crap.

if everyone thought like you, there'd never be a rise of a 3rd party. And if obama gets elected and you voted for him, you are partly to blame for all the horrible things that he will do. just look how ron paul has voted and tell me if he threw those votes away when he voted alone?

in the future we won't need MSM so badly because of the internet. hopefully the pauls' websites in the future will utilize the medium and it's potential WAY better than the official RonPaul2012 website did...