Comment: The thing I loved most about this debate?

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The thing I loved most about this debate?

Honesty out of all four of the candidates.

I didn't have to watch two guys feel the need to argue over which lie was better. These four looked like they had nothing to lose with just being straight forward about who they were, and what they believed, and that was soooo refreshing to see in a debate.

Yes I could disagree with all four of them on at least one of their positions, but to just hear honesty out of candidates... Wow! I haven't heard that since Ron Paul was running, and getting to speak for 89 seconds in those MSM "Fixed Debates".

None of them earn my vote. Sticking with Ron through it all, but thank you Free & Equal for providing one of the best debates I've seen since Ron Paul was in one. And thank you to all 4 of the candidates being mostly cordial to each other, and just putting out what you truly believe in. Loved that debate, and I'm looking forward to next weeks top two.

Oh, and another thing I loved was that at least all of them were against NDAA. Could you imagine including Romney & Obama in this debate, and those two being the only ones that were for NDAA, with the other 4 being against it? I'm pretty sure we'd see some classic flip-flopping from Obamney then. ...oh why couldn't we ever get THAT debate?