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Romney going rogue? Heh.

Romney isn't going to be a "rogue" relative to Republicans in Congress. They'll be the ones passing the unconstitutional legislation that he signs, and goading him into reckless and unconstitutional wars. You can call him "rogue" or "scalawag" or whatever you want, they're not going to care.

The "dictator many fear he is"? Huh? The fear is that Mitt as President, and a Republican Congress, will work together to wage unnecessary wars that create more enemies than they kill. They'll work together to spend money unconstitutionally, to blow up the debt (expect to hear "because we're at war" as a recurring excuse), and to make the banking system less accountable and more corrupt. They'll infringe on civil liberties in the name of "security."

In other words, the fear is that their actions will be consistent with their words.

With Obama, you might get a Republican Congress to impeach him. Maybe. And they would block a lot of what Obama wants to do. Gridlock can be good. With Romney, instead of gridlock they'll be greasing the skids, and they certainly won't impeach him for signing the legislation they pass, or waging the wars they goad him into starting.

Rand could attack Obama in ways he can't attack Mitt, not without giving up that precious "political viability" he's sacrificed so much to achieve.