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I agree with everything you said

And voted you up. But whether Armstrong cheated with steroids or not, it seems silly to me that people would classify a guy who rides a bicycle for a living as a hero...or a guy who shoots hoops or kicks a soccer ball or a football. I'm not referring to you personally, of course, but our society in general. imho, the title of hero should be reserved for people who act very courageously for some human good or another, like freedom or truth or saving lives. I would add to your list Peter Duesberg and Stanislaw Burzynski for going against establishment medicine in an effort to save lives and any soldier that's actually fought in defense of his country (as opposed to those who fight wars of agression for the establishment). Oh, and the soldiers who've come to terms with the fact that most US wars are aggressive and either refuse to deploy and fight in them, or now speak out against them.