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The female host rambled on at the beginning and the debate was very static with its left to right order. Gary Johnson did not articulate the libertarian case properly.

Firstly he said that people draw three times more from social health care than they put in. That's something you'd say if you were on the left. If people can draw three times more than they have to pay, what's not to like? The sad reality is that everyone, except dependent people, contributes more to social health care during their lifetime than what they receive. The contribution exceeds the service received because the state has to pay for the added bureaucracy and interest on the debt, and also because the intervention of the state in the economy reduces opportunities for everyone.

Secondly he said, on the concept of free education, something like 'free is what got us into this mess'. That's not a proper response to a leftist who calls for free education. A better response would be to ask why should a President have the authority to steal from those who don't support his plans. If 52% of the people vote for a President that supports free education, why don't these 52% pool resources willingly and pay for their own education collectively? And if the President has the authority to tax people in order to provide free education, then where do we stop? Why shouldn't the state provide to everyone proper housing, health care, food, transport, jobs, entertainment?

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