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Comment: You know what kills? Living.

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You know what kills? Living.

In fact, not taking steroids will kill you. The greatest natural diet imaginable will kill you. Everything you do will kill you. So please stop with the scare tactics.

Your theory about only requiring "clean food, water, and air" is very lovely, but guess what, SHIT HAPPENS. Genetics and the surrounding environment can and do interfere with the mechanisms necessary for life, and sometimes "clean food, water, and air" can't fix it.

But you are right that your body is in balance. This is why taking testerone and it's analogues will not kill you unless you grossly exceed safe biological limits. Those "super-athletes" go back to normal as soon as they stop taking the drugs.

Sports are not "supposed to be about being at a fit level without enhancements." This is how YOU think it should be. Sports are about WHO IS THE BEST AT THE SPORT. This whole "clean-performing" is just a result of liberal feminization of our society. "Sports are about everyone winning! Yay! Sports are about being healthy! Yay!"

And why can't 'natural' athletes beat someone taking supplements? What about a human who genetically produces more testosterone? Doesn't he have an unfair advantage? Women who produce more testosterone are better at sports, generally speaking. Is that fair?