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Virgil Goode is genuine. The

Virgil Goode is genuine. The Constitution Party is a very difficult party for neo-cons to infiltrate. Alan Keyes wasn't even a full-on neo-con and he was thrown out pretty quickly. Goode has spent 2 years working with the Constitution Party and many of his views have changed while doing so. Many of you may consider this flip-flopping, but I'm sure not all of you have held the same political views all your lives. I know plenty of people on here who used to be Bush or Obama supporters. Virgil Goode is not a neo-con. Even in Congress, he opposed nation building and spreading democracy through war. He may have held some interventionist positions with regards to certain wars, but he no longer holds these views.

A big difference between Goode and Barr is that Barr barely knew Paul back when they were in the House. Goode, despite his disagreements with Paul, was a member of Paul's Liberty Caucus and attended their weekly luncheon. According to his Goode donated $500 to Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign. Barr not only never supported Ron Paul's presidential campaigns, he frequently insulted Paul.

Goode would never endorse Newt or Santorum because both are free traders (FTA, not unilateral free trade) and Goode strongly opposes free trade agreements, it's the issue he cares most about. They also happen to both be fake fiscal conservatives - Newt was famously moderate as House speaker and Santorum was a fiscal liberal. If Goode were to endorse someone, it would be Ron Paul as he has shown from his 2008 donation.

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