Comment: I guess I intend to proudly "waste" my vote as well

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I guess I intend to proudly "waste" my vote as well

And I went so far as to do what I could to bring the guy I intend to waste my vote on to NE Ohio for a campaign rally November 2nd to try to get more people to "waste" their vote. heh-heh heh

Governor Gary Johnson All Ohio Campaign Rally
Fri November 2nd at 7:30 PM
Stringz & Wingz Z-PLEX
1543 State Route 303
Streetsboro, OH.
STARTS at 7:30

MEET AND GREET EVENT (Donation and RSVP required)
STARTS at 6:00 PM for all who wish to meet Governor Johnson

PLEASE click this link to LIKE and BUMP the listing on the Daily Paul

At the Z-PLEX inside Stringz & Wingz 1543 SR 303 Streetsboro OH
Are you tired of the bi-polar politics?
Are you tired of hearing the same tired old talking points being made over and over?
Then come out and hear a two-term Governor who has some fresh ideas!
Come join us in hosting the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States Gary Johnson!
He plans to speak about his current campaign, and much much more!
This event will take place at the Z-PLEX inside Stringz & Wingz
Line up: TB announced - More to come
This event is not to be missed. Best part? IT IS FREE!
Stringz & Wingz is located in the very corner of the Streetsboro Plaza just to the right of the Save-A-Lot store.
PLEASE PLAN TO GET THERE EARLY - Strinz & Wingz has a great menu and open bar