Comment: No, the other 280 or so

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No, the other 280 or so

Come on, Granger. If Mitt is elected the Republicans in Congress will write and pass unconstitutional legislation and Mitt will sign it. The Republicans in Congress will goad Mitt into launching unnecessary wars that increase the numbers and resolve of our enemies. There will be a few dissenting voices but a few dissenting voices won't stop the process.

If Obama then it won't just be a few Republicans opposing him, most of the Republicans who would *help* Mitt do unconstitutional things will try to *stop* Obama. If Obama is elected you *might* even see them start talking about impeachment. Gridlock can be a good thing.

There is *zero* chance that a Republican Congress will use impeachment to stop Mitt. That's because the Republican Congress -- with a few dissenting voices -- will be working hand in hand with Mitt to do those unconstitutional things. First war, then "security" measures in response to rising anti-American sentiment, and budget idiocy that can't be helped because "don't you know we're at WAR??" and so on.