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Our policticians make a major

Our policticians make a major difference in the economy, What do you think Ron Paul has been fighting for ever since he got elected to the Congress, We need to have our politicians eliminate the Fed, and to come with a sound money policy ( ie Gold Standard for example). We need the politicians to reduce spending and to reduce the size of Government so that we would have a Govern of the people, by the people, the more powerful that the Government gets, the less free we are as people. The way that this would happen is by voting for Liberty Minded Congress people and Senators, we need a President like Ron Paul, but we know that the either Obama and Romney will be the win this election, thus I prefer Romney over Obama, since I know that all that Obama wants is a larger more powerful government, this is what we have seen over the past 4 years with all of the executive orders he instituted. This election is by far the most important one I have voted for over the past 35 years I have voted in.