Comment: I used to work here as a volunteer moderator...

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I used to work here as a volunteer moderator...

And I was fired because I couldn't follow a set of simple rules laid out by the owner. While I was moderator I did whatever I wanted including ignoring the owner concerning front page postings whoops. I feel in my mind that this is really my website because I'm the one that made it go viral in the beginning so you all owe me for my fervent dedication because without me it would be nothing.

I've broken virtually every rule both as a moderator and a user but breaking
number 5&6 really does it for me.

5.Do not engage in flame wars, personal attacks on other members, incite or encourage violence, post spam or advertisements.

6.Do not bump your own thread to keep it on the front page, or post the same non-related comment on multiple threads to promote your website or event.

That about sums it up and you asked for it so you got it guy.

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