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Note to the teacher

My daughters homework assignment (8th grade) is called “Comparing the Candidates” and instructs “Circle the candidate whose position you most agree with. See which candidate you gave the most circles to, and who you would vote for.”
The choices are only Candidate A or Candidate B (Obama and Romney).

I would like to write a note to the teacher, any suggestions?
I'm thinking something like,

“What about Candidate C, D, and E. We don't need another generation of voters who only think there are two parties. I am voting for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party and although ignored by the media, the schools should be teaching that there are more than two choices.”

Please put a suggestion on how this should be written, or let me know if you think its good as it is (I don't think I'm a very good writer), and others can also use it for notes to their kids' teachers also.