Comment: virgil was the WORST of the bunch and a MORON at best

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virgil was the WORST of the bunch and a MORON at best

I am all for having MORE candidates running for President however the 4 on that stage just being 3rd party is nowhere near enough to get my vote. Just imagine Virgil as president or even johnson, YEAH we have a 3rd party that now will be mixed in with the first two parties that have ZERO respect for personal rights, individual liberty backed by personal responsibility or real state rights. As president he would MAKE SURE to be very scared of plants...

This guy is more clueless than the other 3 on that stage ( if that were even possible ). He had to MAKE SURE everyone knew how scared he was of plants. Yeah thats what we need is more presidents who are scared of gardening.

Side Note: Anyone who talks about how they would legalize marijuana however have never actually smoked it are CLUELESS as well. Anytime these chumps talk about marijuana it is always as if those who smoke it are DRUGGIES who need help. I am sick of the candidates screaming how they will legalize however make sure that everyone knows full well that they have never smoked nor will they ever smoke marijuana BUT believe it is a personal right. It isn't a scary drug, it makes you eat, smile, sleep, keep food down, allow your arthritis not to hurt as much among many other things. Sure I applaud those screaming legalization ( like ron paul for example ) but they ( including ron paul ) tend to still look down on those who "use" it as if it is being used.

If you have seen a real deal alcoholic and then saw a daily smoker their lifestyles are pretty damn different. Or why not see what a 10 year cigarette smoker would do if you put him in a room for 10 hours without a cigarette, those are DRUGS that actually fuck with people, weed is one of the last things on earth that actually calms people the hell down.

It is healthier than the soda these assholes dump down their kids throats on a daily basis AND anyone who hasn't had actual experience with marijuana really need to shut the hell up because they have ZERO clue as to what it actually does to you and more specifically FOR YOU. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana