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Comment: People who label other people "denialists"

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People who label other people "denialists"

Are usually promoting (or protecting) an agenda rather than seeking scientific truth. A good example is the pseudo-science pushers who invented the term "global warming denialists" to vilify anyone and everyone (including reputable scientists) who disagree with them. People also associate "denier" and "denialist" with "Holocaust deniers," a good method to smear someone on a subconscious level.

Duesberg doesn't "deny" AIDS, he disagrees with the establishment HIV/AIDS theory. I'm guessing that you've never read Duesberg's book "Inventing the AIDS Virus," as no one I've ever come across who smears Duesberg and his HIV/AIDS research has. If you're going to critique Duesberg and his professional opinion on AIDS, you need to read the book FIRST.

No one has proven Duesberg wrong. More and more scientists have come around to admitting that Duesberg was either totally or partially correct. Well, the honest ones, anyway. So many scientists are on the payroll of either the govt. or some corporation or other that it's difficult to get an honest evaluation of what the scientific community really thinks about anything.

I hope you read Duesberg's book and become better informed on the AIDS issue.