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Comment: Duesberg is easily proven wrong

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Duesberg is easily proven wrong

One of his claims is that AIDS is caused by recreational drug use. This not only has no plausible mechanism, as there are hundreds of psychoactive drugs recreationally and practically all of them have a different mechanism. Yet they all somehow correlate to AIDS? Plus 100s of millions of people recreationally use drugs and never develop AIDS.

He tried to blame alklyl nitrites as the cause. Well it is common in the gay community to inhale poppers during sex. This is called a confounding variable. I have inhaled alkyl nitrites. I do not have AIDS. Neither do any of the straight people who I know have done it. None of us have HIV, either.

One of my gay friends has HIV. He got it from one of his boyfriends, who now has AIDS.

Look Missy, just because a scientist bucks the system does not make him correct. Just because it is an alternative viewpoint does not make it correct. Sometimes people are just plain wrong. Has Duesberg made good points about retroviruses and cancer? Yes. Has he made good points about HIV? NO.