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Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link.

Well, I don't live there, have no stakes, and I don't care much about any specific party (anywhere), but I'm indeed strongly for Liberty and nothing more.

Being someone who likes simplicity in life, thus law abiding, I wouldn't mind a law enforcement that is unforgiving, as long as the law is 1) voted by the people and for the people (which is probably no longer the case ANYWHERE on earth), and 2) ISN'T perverted (probably NOT the case EVERYWHERE on earth), while I DESPISE or HATE a maybe looser or milder law enforcement that would have a preferred "clientele" - e.g., races, social status, etc.

I didn't make a thorough reading of the page at the link you provided, but as far as I would be concerned, out of the all their points, the main one I'd still be most uncomfortable with is the income tax, still regarded as somehow necessary.

Yet, overall, this seems already WAY better than today's GOP or the "liberals" (... crooks) who took over this country for decades have to "propose".

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