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Drug Question

Imo the drug issue and question is important on the basis of principle ie. right to one's body, and for many which I understand. Yet I cannot comprehend why so much attention is given to this one issue judging by the replies and posts?

RP mentions the drug issue naturally, yet it is not his highest priority. ie. he does not come out immediately swinging for this issue in his speaking tours.

I think things have to be put in perspective, there is mass unemployment, high taxes, currency challenges, monetary policy, trade imbalances, massive deficits and debts, wars, education, health care, inflation, global instablility, philosophy of governance, etc., and somehow drugs seem to be near or atop the forefront for the consideration of electing a President?

I do not think concentrating and focusing on the questions of drugs are going to solve or remedy many of these ills. ie. alcohol legalization sure has not alleviated many of the mentioned troubles.

Abortion should even carry more weight than the drug question I is life or death after all.

In 2008, I do not think the drug question carried as much weight as it does now as I recall.

It was definitely more about the philosophy of governance/public administration imo.