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The Drug War has been one of the major wars that has

bankrupted this Country and led frightened people to look the other way while Civil Liberties were undermined so that alleged bad guys could be put behind bars. It is the mentality of a War on Drugs that sets the tone for all the other wars and the mindset of frightened people to embrace things like the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and the TSA. Unconscious people often have a knee-jerk statist reaction on this issue which must be brought front and center. All the other issues you mentioned are interlocked with this one and we should not underestimate how the War on Drugs is a major culprit that raises taxes, distorts and destroys the economy, has to be paid for by money printed out of thin air, contributes to the health care problem, and creates a giant Prisoner-of-Drug-War (POW) Population that makes what should be the freest country in the world the Country that holds the greatest percentage of its citizens in prisons. The war on Alcohol established the Power of Organized Crime and the Drug War sustains it. The War on Drugs must be ended immediately as part of a comprehensive program to reestablish the Principle of Liberty in this country.