Comment: Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ignore the judgemntal dicks. They're miserable anyway.
They are their own best punishment.
They have to live with themsleves -- can't escape their own miserable eco systems.

In 2007 Ron Paul came home to Pittsburgh and we had a blowout rally overflowing with new supporters.

After speaking for almost an hour, Ron Paul stood near the front of the ballroom in an unstructured hand shaking love fest. He was surrounded by thousands -- thousands of people.

As I stood there waiting my turn I just drank in the sight of this elderly man, modestly dressed in worn clothing, a little hunched over with arthritis.
He just stood there with no sense that he was in a rush to leave.
A bonus for us was that his extended family was also there -- dozens of them -- to celebrate a family reunion. They came home to Pittsburgh some from all over America. I didn't even know who Rand Paul was.

I hung back to watch how people responded to him.

As I did I eventually just gave up my spot -- I somehow thought I was lessening Ron Paul's burden of having to stand there so long -- enduring the crush.

Do I regret it?

A little.

The main thing was I saw a man who was genuine and real.

And I saw the hunger in the people from all walks of life.

Rich, poor, middleclass, rednecks, yuppies, Muslim men and women with head gear and orthodox Jews with the sideburns and cowboy hats -- and Amish farmers too. All colors. My wife befriended a black couple from New Jersey. The wife was dressed as the Statue of Liberty! I know you've seen her in videos.

But I totally get the thought process that you went through when the opportunity to touch Ron Paul was before you.

I experienced it too.