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Regarding what you asked...

Why wait for abdulrahman to grow up to be a "terrorist"...

We already know the pre-emptive mindset of those in power, so I doubt they limit their diabolical thinking to those 18 and over.

I recall seeing a program many years ago where discussion was along the line of criminals' childhood and common factors, and the conversation struck me even back then as if they were essentially looking to profile potential/future criminals early on.

It made me wonder if child fingerprinting programs that purport to be about protecting children, such as "ident-a-kid" for example, might instead be about "ident-a-future criminal".

I have never heard of one instance of a missing child being safely recovered by these child fingerprinting programs. So if minds behind the scenes in law enforcement are already in essence looking at ~profiling~ pre-criminals, why wouldn't they want to pre-emptively fingerprint them, too?

... or in the case of the 16yr old killed in the drone strike, to just pre-emptively kill them?