Comment: Fair Tax is One of The Best Programs of Gary Johnson

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Fair Tax is One of The Best Programs of Gary Johnson

I've studied the tax issue since the 1970's. Like yourself, I did not want anything but a zero Federal tax. That philosophy did not work. The chances of eliminating government funding through a tax system are zero. That needs to be accomplished through other legislation.

We now have an abusive Federal income/payroll tax system that is much worse than the 1970's. The IRS is now a major component of Obama Care. We will never get a zero Federal tax by complaining and hoping. There needs to be a viable strategy. Fair Tax is that viable interim strategy.

Fair Tax would eliminate the IRS. It is part of the legislation. And there are 78 co-sponsors in the Congress and Senate. So, we can wait around and watch the IRS get worse, or do something that is politically viable and is backed by millions of dollars of consumer supported studies.

There is nothing fraudulent about Fair Tax as you suggest.

By the way, Ron Paul never said "all or nothing". He said that he wants a flat tax (zero tax). We all want that. But he also said that he would vote for Fair Tax if the legislation came up for a vote.

There is a lot more to say about your comments, but I would rather that you read the article that I wrote on another thread.

I wrote the following article on Fair Tax on another thread:

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